Proud To Be A Republican

That’s how a great many people feel about the impromptu rebellion that House Republicans have staged against Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to allow a vote to lower energy prices by increasing supply. Last Friday, Pelosi adjourned the House without having done anything to address the country’s energy problems. Republicans voted against adjournment, and since then, an energetic band of Republican Congressmen has carried out a guerrilla campaign against the thoughtless arrogance that Pelosi embodies and that typifies the modern Democratic Party.

Initially, Republicans refused to go on vacation and instead stayed in the House chamber, continuing to discuss and debate the energy issue before a surprised audience of tourists. Pelosi, not wanting voters to hear the Republicans’ message, responded by ordering the chamber’s lights and microphones turned off.

Undeterred, the Republicans continued their effort to get their message out. As the days have gone by, more and more attention has been drawn to their revolt against entrenched power, on behalf of the American people. You can see photos of the protest here.

You can keep up with the Republicans’ efforts at the Minority Leader’s web site. This morning, the Congressmen, reinforced by former Speaker Newt Gingrich, held a press conference to explain their rebellion against Nancy Pelosi’s high-handed contempt for the American people. It’s good:

Let the Congressional Republicans know you appreciate what they’re doing. It was this kind of creative, aggressive strategy that allowed the Republicans to take control of Congress in 1994.

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