“Some Democrats say…”

McCain Cuts at Opponent's Roots @ Yahoo! Video

In the ABC News report by Jake Tapper linked on the thumbnail above, ABC News vents the charge that the McCain campaign is following the tack suggested by Mark Penn to Hillary Clinton in seeking to fend off Obama: portray Obama as foreign. (The Atlantic article on which the ABC News report is based is accesssible in full here.)

The source for Tapper’s charge that the McCain campaign is taking Mark Penn’s advice to Hillary Clinton? “Some Democrats…” And ABC adds that portraying Obama as foreign is a near cousin to attacking Obama because of his race.

Is an updated version of Mark Halperin’s infamous 2004 memo making the rounds at ABC? Or is no such memo necessary this time around? Tapper’s report is an almost laughable, almost unbelievably shoddy piece of journalism.

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