Talking about Iraq

Austin Bay somehow persuaded General Petraeus to sit down recently for a 30-minute interview. Pajamas Media has posted the audio and transcript here. The whole interview is necessary reading. At the conclusion, Bay asks Petraeus if there is anything else he would like to say. He answers:

Well, I can never end one of these, if given the opportunity, without talking about the magnificent work that is being done by America’s young men and women in uniform out here under exceedingly difficult conditions. It’s 120, 125 degrees here of late. Quite a few dust storms recently. Really resilient, barbaric at times, lethal and dangerous enemy facing us. Operating in a culture that is different from ours, a different language, different religion, tribal elements, and so forth. And absolutely performing magnificently, getting it about this very complex form of warfare that is called counterinsurgency, which entails offensive, defensive and civilian support operations, sometimes all in the same hour. And, again, could not be prouder to be soldiering with them, and can imagine no greater privilege than serving with them.

It has been said that they are the new greatest generation, and I absolutely buy into that and agree with it.

Is anyone paying attention?

UPDATE: In a message this morning, Austin adds: “As for persuasion — I asked in mid-April to interview him for my column. In June I asked if I could get audio for Pajamas and ArenaUSA — ‘new media programs.’ Power Line changed the game when you fellows, along with LGF and informed readers, challenged Dan Rather and shamed him.” Invoking a metaphor General Petraeus uses in the interview, Austin explains: “You began ‘resetting the media rheostat.'” Austin encourages interested readers to check out his expanded interview with slide show accessible here.

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