The price of the ticket

It’s a shame James Baldwin isn’t here to add a new chapter to his nonfiction collection The Price of the Ticket. According to the Denver Post, Invesco Field’s premier seats for Barack Obama’s big convention speech will be sold to top fundraisers for $1,000. The Obama campaign and the DNCC have advertised the change of venue from the Pepsi Center to Invesco as a way of “making room for grassroots supporters,” but it also turns out to be a handy way to supplement the campaign’s August coffers.

By how much? Mum’s the word: “[A} senior adviser to the campaign, Jenny Backus, said not all club-level seats will go to donors. Backus declined to say how many will be available to the public.” The Post quotes Backus on the donor package including the seats: “This is a very small number of seats.” But it’s a big package!

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