The Same Man

Our good friend David Lebedoff, a lawyer and author, has just published a new book, The Same Man, about two seemingly dissimilar, if not opposite, figures: Evelyn Waugh and George Orwell.

Amazon’s description sums up David’s thesis well:

Orwell and Waugh were almost alone among their peers in seeing what the future–our time–would bring, and they dedicated their lives to warning us against what was coming: a world of material wealth but few values, an existence without tradition or community or common purpose, where lives are measured in dollars, not sense. They explained why, despite prosperity, so many people feel that our society is headed in the wrong direction.

Today, the London Times had a glowing review of The Same Man. Here is the conclusion:

The Same Man places the work of these two literary giants cheek by jowl. Comparisons are riveting, but the conclusion is dire. For as we read Orwell and Waugh’s prophetic warnings we cannot help a shiver of recognition. We have created a world they would have abhorred.

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