The Taxman Cometh

I’ve only once in my life said anything really clever. Quite a few years ago, I was at a wedding; the ceremony was over and a guy came along with handfuls of rice to throw at the bride and groom. I turned to a young woman I was with and, in a moment of inspiration, said, “The riceman cometh.”

That aside is only loosely related to this post, which is about a new McCain ad on a subject close to my heart: “Taxman.” It’s a good ad and will air in swing states as well as on the web:

Note, though, that the ad includes white women! More racism from the McCain campaign, apparently.

PAUL adds: John is being too modest. He has said other clever things, a few at my expense. The best was when he introduced me at a debate tournament we hosted at Dartmouth in 1970. Unfortunately, I can’t repeat it here.

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