37 Million!

Last night, I asked how many people would watch Sarah Palin’s speech. The largest television audience ever to see a speech at a political convention, I believe, was the 38 million who saw Barack Obama last week. In 2004, 27.5 million watched President Bush’s acceptance speech, while 24.4 million saw John Kerry’s. This year, 26 million watched Hillary Clinton at the DNC, compared to 21.5 million who saw Fred Thompson and Joe Lieberman Tuesday night.

I predicted that the audience for Palin’s speech would top all but Obama’s total. That guess turned out to be conservative: if Matt Drudge is right, 37.2 million tuned in to see Palin last night. The vast majority of those had heard about Governor Palin, were aware of the Left’s attempts to smear her, and, in typical American fashion, wanted to see for themselves and form their own judgment. There is no way the Democrats can spin this one: she stood up to the plate before one of the largest audiences to watch a political speech, and knocked the ball out of the park.

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