Another Perspective on the Convention

Two or three years ago I was in Los Angeles trying a case, and my wife and I got to attend the Claremont Institute’s Winston Churchill dinner. I wrote about it here. One of the people we met there was Dan Blatt, aka Gay Patriot West. We’ve been in touch with Dan on and off since then, and at some point we said that if he was thinking of attending the RNC, he’d be welcome to stay with us. Shortly before the convention was to begin, Dan took us up on the offer, having been encouraged to attend by no less than Michael Barone.

Dan was an excellent house guest, and we spent a couple of late evenings–late by my standards, not so much by his–dissecting the day’s events. Dan adopted a theme for his visit: how would a gay Republican be treated at the RNC?

To find the answer to that question, as well as Dan’s many other interesting observations on the convention, go here and scroll on down. The bottom line, I think it’s fair to say, is that it is easier to fit in as a gay Republican at the convention than as a Republican at a gay bar in L.A.

PAUL adds: It was a pleasure meeting and talking to Dan. Dan seems like a very upbeat guy, and he encountered me in one of my cynical moods. He handled it well. Considering the abuse he must take from gay liberals, I’m not surprised.

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