Deep secrets of campaign 2008, part 5

In “Founding brothers,” Stanley Kurtz continues his investigation of Barack Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers in connection with Obama’s selection to serve as chairman of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge in 1995. The question of how a young and inexperienced lawyer like Obama was chosen to head a foundation created by Bill Ayers in 1995 remains open. Steve Diamond provides background that is useful to a full understanding of the roadblocks faced by Kurtz in getting access to the CAC records.

I deduce from Kurtz’s column that former CAC principals Ken Rolling, Warren Chapman, Anne Hallett, Barack Obama and Bill Ayers know the answer and have no desire to illuminate it fully. Kurtz is careful not to draw unwarranted inferences from the record he has assembled. Peter Kirsanow glosses the record as follows:

It appears that Ayers took a keen interest in Obama at a time when Obama was nothing more than, as Stanley puts it, “a young and inexperienced lawyer.” Why? There are tens of thousands of young and inexperienced lawyers in Chicago. What did Ayers see in (or hear from) Obama that caused the former to take such an interest in him?

Stanley shows that there’s a reasonable probability that Ayers plucked Obama from obscurity to chair the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (“CAC”). Then, after working together on the CAC and directing millions to radical organizations, Ayers hosted Obama’s political coming out party. That certainly looks more like a mentor-protégé relationship than a tenuous relationship between two guys who happen to live in the same neighborhood.

The story of a why an unrepentant terrorist has such a close relationship with a presidential candidate should have reporters swarming over the Obama campaign demanding answers.

One doesn’t have to read too much between the lines to infer the existence of what Kirsanow describes as “an attempt to cover-up the extent of Sen. Obama’s ties to William Ayers[.]” The problem is that those who know the answer to the question Kurtz explores apparently have no motive to disclose it.

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