That’s the title of the new McCain-Palin television ad, which will air in “key states.” I think it’s pretty effective at a 100,000-foot level:

The image of Obama as a fallen star is a good one, and timely as he vows to take off the gloves and attack McCain more viciously. But this kind of ad is always puzzling to me. It says that Obama accuses Governor Palin of “lying,” and concludes: “how disrespectful.” I would have thought the issue is whether Obama’s charges are true, not whether they are respectful. But you probably can’t explain why they’re false in a 30-second ad.

The ad is narrated by a woman, and no doubt the McCain campaign knows what it’s doing in focusing on the Democrats’ disrespect for Governor Palin. But it’s a low-information approach, not intended to appeal to the kinds of news consumers who read this site.

PAUL adds: That’s a very charitable way to describe the ad.

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