Follow the RNC on Pajamas TV

We’re at the Xcel Center in St. Paul for the Republican National Convention. We are assured that there will be a convention, by the way, but it isn’t clear just when it’s going to get underway. For now, it’s “official business” only. Here are Paul and I during the afternoon’s festivities:

We’re part of Pajamas TV’s convention coverage. It will start at 4:00 central, with a “Welcome to Minnesota” segment with Scott, James Lileks and me. Both Tim Pawlenty and Norm Coleman will participate in our welcome with Pajamas TV-only interviews. Paul will be on a little later. It should be lots of fun, and PJTV’s coverage will continue each evening of the convention. You can go here to watch. Some material requires subscription, but a lot will be streamed for free. Check it out; from what we’ve taped so far, I think it will be the most fun convention coverage you can find.

UPDATE: I’ve just watched the coverage that is archived at the PJTV site, and it’s very good, and streams well. I’d encourage our readers to check it out.

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