Ho Hum

We knew last night would be hard to top. That expectation hasn’t been disappointed. Last night, when we saw the lineup of speakers, we wondered who would be warming up the crowd for John McCain; there didn’t seem to be anyone left. It turned out that Lindsey Graham and Tom Ridge were assigned that task. No chance, I guess, of McCain being outshone.

Graham and Ridge both did OK, but there is nothing like the excitement in the hall last night. Of course, McCain is a familiar figure and no one is wondering how he will do, as we were last night, awaiting Sarah Palin’s appearance.

Cindy McCain just walked onstage. She’s getting the warmest welcome of the evening so far. Maybe things will start to heat up.

UPDATE: Cindy McCain seemed oddly subdued to me, but she seems to have been received warmly. I think they thought they needed to humanize her, and if so, it likely succeeded with those watching.

Now the McCain video.

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