Images From the Final Night

My wife and youngest daughter attended the convention tonight and took some photos. This one is of John McCain delivering his acceptance speech; click to enlarge:

This one shows the Pajamas TV booth. We had a great location, below the blue bar that says “country first.” If you look slightly down and to the left from the star, you see me, standing up. To my left is Jennifer Rubin. That stairway is where the police dragged the Code Pink demonstrators out of the arena, within 18 inches of the PJTV booth.

The balloons and confetti fall; my daughter’s favorite part, of course:

When it was over, we analyzed the evening for PJTV. From left to right, Jennifer Rubin, James Lileks and me. Roger Simon is on the far left, obscured by camera equipment:

It was a fun four days.


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