Palin Paying Off

Now that the dust has settled following the close-to-unprecedented wave of abuse that the Democrats unleashed against Sarah Palin, how is John McCain’s selection standing up? Very well, it seems. Today’s Rasmussen Reports has the latest data:

While 54% regard Palin favorably, 36% say their view is Very Favorable. But 42% see the Republican vice presidential candidate unfavorably, including 31% who rate their opinion of her as Very Unfavorable.

[Joe] Biden, the Democratic vice presidential nominee, is viewed favorably by 49%, with 22% saying their view of him is Very Favorable. Forty-one percent (41%) have an unfavorable opinion of the Delaware senator, including 21% who say their opinion is Very Unfavorable.

So, notwithstanding the negative press, email slanders, etc., Palin still outpolls Biden 54/42 to 49/41. This suggests that the Democrats’ onslaught has been more effective at whipping up enthusiasm among their own voters than in convincing anyone in the middle.

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