Palin’s prayer

A professor of government at a liberal arts college in New York writes to comment on “Charles Gibson’s unexacting performance.” He is familiar with the relevant text to which Governor Palin was alluding in her prayer and comments in particular on Gibson’s cluelessness regarding Palin’s prayer:

Unlike Palin and Lincoln, Gibson “doesn’t have a prayer.” I second the high marks you give her performance. We have in her a leader who doesn’t merely quote from time to time an old chestnut from a Lincoln speech, but who has clearly reflected on one of the most extraordinary and moderate dispositions to divine providence ever taught by a leader in wartime, and found it worthy of adoption and emulation in her own speeches. What’s more, she is able to explain gracefully, to a man posing as a human resources executive, what she was saying in her prayer. That Gibson understood her explanation is doubtful. Perhaps he needs a lesson in the meaning of the subjunctive mood (and I have no doubt Governor Palin could give him one). More likely, he suffers from God Derangement Syndrome, the mere mention of God shutting down brain synapses.

I’m afraid this is a condition that Governor Palin will elicit chronically from the mainstream media through election day.

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