Progress In Washington?

I linked below to an article by Dick Morris which argues that John McCain will reap great benefit from being seen as the broker of a better deal when the Democrats cave in to the House Republicans on the terms of the bailout or whatever it turns out to be. I was skeptical, in part because I hadn’t seen any indication that McCain has aligned himself with the House Republicans’ position.

In rapid succession, though, I got an email from Republican Whip Roy Blunt, the Republicans’ lead negotiator, that included this exchange from an interview:

Yellin: Well, Secretary Paulson and the Democrats could reach an agreement and they can reach without you being there in the room at all.

Blunt: I think we need to be together on this and work together on this, but it means more than take it or leave it. We have been down the take it or leave it road, and you know, until John McCain came back to Washington this week, the House Republicans were very much on the leave it side of it and we were arguing for more insurance or loans and protections, but everyone else is rushing for a deal and frankly John McCain came back and said, the House Republicans have the taxpayers in mind and I am with them.

And an email from Congressman John Shadegg:

For the first time since the potential crisis confronting our nation’s banking system arose, I am cautiously optimistic. The proposal initially offered by Secretary Paulson was irresponsible and woefully lacking in safeguards for American taxpayers. Thanks to intervention by Senator McCain, both the White House and Congressional Democrats appear to be moving toward a more responsible rescue plan.

So maybe McCain is better positioned to deserve credit for improvements in the legislation than, to my knowledge, has been reported publicly.

PAUL adds: Note John’s careful wording of his last sentence, particularly his use of “deserve,” as opposed to “receive.” Whatever credit McCain may end up deserving, he will receive considerably less (if any) in the reporting of the MSM.

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