Questioning Republicans’ Patriotism

It happens quite often, actually. Most recently, Nancy Pelosi called House Republicans–the ones who were representing American taxpayers in negotiating the Democrats’ bailout bill–“unpatriotic.” This is because the Republican negotiators failed to attend a meeting of which they were not notified, and to which they were not invited.

I think the Democrats are deliberately pushing the envelope as far as they can. They’ve learned that they can get away with anything, so they’re trying to redefine “anything.”

PAUL adds: We won’t really discover the meaning of “anything” until after the election, assuming Obama wins it.

JOHN HAS BEEN MULLING IT OVER, AND ADDS: Of course, it is out of the question to suggest that any Democrat is unpatriotic. Still, I can see how some evil right-wingers could be tempted.

I mean, on the one hand, we have the Speaker of the House saying that Republicans are unpatriotic because they failed to attend a meeting of which they had no knowledge because they were not invited. On the other hand, we have the Democratic nominee for President, whose spiritual mentor has declaimed, repeatedly, “God damn America,” and whose political mentor tried to bomb the U.S. Capitol and still thinks it was a great idea. There is, one must admit, a certain contrast there.

I would never suggest, of course, that Barack Obama’s history might indicate a lack of patriotism. That would be completely out of bounds in polite society. Still, if Pelosi wants to open the subject of who is patriotic and who is not, one can see why renegade right-wingers would think that a stronger case could be made against Obama than against the Republicans who weren’t invited to the Democrats’ meeting.

Nevertheless, however logical that inference might be, I join with the mainstream media in rejecting it. We all know that it is impossible for a Democrat to be unpatriotic. That is a vice of which only a Republican can be accused with impunity. There is a reason for this, I’m sure, but for the moment I can’t quite remember what it is. When I recall it, I’ll do another update.

For the time being, all you need to know is this: it’s open season on Republicans, but Barack Obama is above criticism.

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