Republican Convention Bounce

In its three-day rolling survey conducted Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Rasmussen Reports finds Barack Obama with only a one-point advantage over John McCain (with leaners included, two points). Two-thirds of this survey was done before Sarah Palin’s speech Wednesday night, and all of it before John McCain’s speech last night. It seems likely that when the full impact of the Republican convention has been absorbed, McCain will be ahead.

Gallup, based on interviews conducted the same three days, finds the same effect, but from a different starting point. Obama was up eight points in the Gallup poll when the Republican convention began on Tuesday; now his lead is down to four points. It seems likely that over the next few days, as the impact of the last two days of the convention is felt, the race will draw even.

So the McCain campaign is coming out of the conventions in good shape and with an energized party.

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