The Courage to Whine

Barack Obama announces that he “won’t be bullied.” Poor widdle Barack! “Bullied,” I guess, means “criticized” or “disagreed with.” Tom Maguire (via InstaPundit) reacts:

Whether Obama is revealing personal weakness or simply highlighting the historic weakness of his party, this is not talk that projects strength, especially in the current context – what is Obama saying, he won’t be bullied by a 44 year old hockey mom? Stand Tall, Barack – you won’t be bullied by Sarah Palin! OMG, is this a secret plan to assassinate Putin by making him laugh so hard he gets an aneurysm? Or is this Laugh Attack launched at the Right Blogosphere (It’s working! I can barely type through the tears).

Our next President – ready to take on hockey moms, PTA heads and small town mayors. Even former ones.

Obama seems to think it’s dirty pool for the Republicans to try to win the election. Maybe that’s because he thinks he’s already President:

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