The Media Vote

Back when I was a Marxist–a long time ago–I believed that the media were controlled by entrenched interests. I haven’t thought that for a long time, but this year’s campaign is starting to make me wonder. Entrenched political and economic interests are desperate to prevent John McCain and Sarah Palin from bringing reform to Washington and are banking on Barack Obama to preserve the status quo. It’s no surprise that the media favor Democratic candidates, but the reaction to Sarah Palin has been so over the top that a new standard is being established.

Take the example of Us magazine. Compare these two covers; the magazine, which is read by around 12 million and seen by many more at grocery checkout counters, has in effect endorsed Barack Obama:

Us is owned by Jann Wenner, also the proprietor of Rolling Stone and a fanatical Obama supporter.

Entrenched financial (unions and others) and media interests are determined to drag Barack Obama’s inexperienced, unaccomplished and unqualified carcass over the finish line. Right now it looks as though they may succeed.

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