The Washington Post — never more than a headline away from a Democratic talking point

Today, the Washington Post’s news section ran the following headlines relating to the presidential campaign:

“McCain Embraces Regulation After Many Years of Opposition”

“McCain Able to Skirt Limits of Federal Financing”

“McCain BlackBerry Easily Connects With Gore Internet”

“Palin Exaggerates Alaska’s Energy Role”

The Post has no headlines or stories about Obama. It probably recognizes that, as John noted today, Obama is a spent force in any positive sense, and that the best it can do for him now is to remove the spotlight while amping up the attacks on McCain.

The story about McCain “embracing regulation after many years of opposition” appears on page 1. Author Michael Shear, who has emerged as a top anti-McCain hatchet man for the Post (he also wrote the silly BlackBerry piece), makes no mention of the fact that in 2005, McCain cosponsored the Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act, the strongest legislation introduced up to that time to control Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Given recent developments, no fair story about McCain’s position on regulation could omit this fact. But Shear (who was assisted on the story by fellow Democratic partisan Anne Kornblut) was not about to let it stand in the way of his hit piece, as the Washington Post pursues its relentless campaign to help elect Barack Obama.

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