There’s only one Tim Cahill

Tim Cahill, irrespessible when healthy, popped up to score the winning goal in Everton’s 3-2 victory at Stoke City today. Cahill missed the last two months of the past season and the first month of this one due to injury. Today marked his return to the team.

The other two goals came from our Nigerian forwards, Yakubu and Victor Anichebe. Mikel Arteta helped create all three goals.

The victory brings us to 2-2 for the year, with no draws. Both victories are against promoted teams (West Brom is our other victim), so we’re not exactly on fire. We were able, however, to add five players to our depleted ranks just before the transfer deadline. The acquistions by and large don’t match those of our competitors, but a few of them are interesting. And least we won’t have to start teenagers, as had been the case until today.

Most importantly, Tim Cahill is back and winger Steven Pienaar reportedly will be back soon.

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