There’s Something About Sarah


The new issue of the Weekly Standard carries an editorial and related articles on Governor Palin. In the editorial, Bill Kristol thanks the media for their frenzied assault on Governor Palin. Steve Hayes reports on how McCain found the right wingman.

Noemie Emery explains the importance of honor in McCain’s world view and suggests that McCain, Joe Lieberman and Sarah Palin “see public life as a great western movie.” Emery identifies the movie as “High Noon” (thus the cover above). I say the movie is “True Grit.” Finally, In the most speculative of the articles on Palin, Jeffrey Bell meditates on why the left hates her.

JOHN wonders: I haven’t actually seen True Grit, but doesn’t John Wayne die and leave the rest of the cattle drive, or whatever it is, to the girl and other youngsters? Maybe not quite the paradigm we want to follow….

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