Time for Anger Management Therapy

Norm Coleman’s campaign has produced a new ad, “Angry Al.” It highlights Al Franken’s frequently hotheaded, profane and inappropriate conduct:

I think they got the still image near the end from this site. It was taken at the 2004 RNC. I also witnessed the confrontation between Franken and Michael Medved at the same convention that you see, briefly, in the ad. Franken can be a scary guy. When the news broke about the pornography–no, wait, “satire of pornography”–that Franken wrote for one of the men’s magazines, his campaign manager said, “We think the voters understand the difference between a comedian and a U.S. Senator.” I think that difference is becoming ever clearer to Minnesotans.

SCOTT adds: It’s a funny kind of attack ad. The only person speaking in it (beside Coleman in the ad’s mandatory disclosure) is Al Franken himself.

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