Warming up the Crowd

The preliminaries are under way at the RNC. The speakers are warming up the crowd for the headliners, Joe Lieberman and Fred Thompson. Oh yes, also President Bush on video.

I’ve been taking a few photos to show what the convention looks like, now that it’s getting underway in earnest. Here is the security line to get into the Xcel Center:

The list of prohibited items is long. I understand why they wouldn’t want any weapons, fireworks, poles and sticks. But camera cases?

Michele Bachmann, one of my favorite politicians, is talking now. She’s striking a more partisan note than we’ve heard up until now. Good. Here is what the floor looked like a little while ago:

So far, I’ve been spending most of my time in the PJTV zone. This is what the backstage area looks like:

You can see the set here:

They’ve emailed out the texts of the evening’s speeches, so I suppose I’d better get down to work and start reading them.

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