What a difference a day makes

Yesterday, I noted that one experienced Democratic activist had told me over the weekend that the Palin selection would (if anything) probably hurt the Republican ticket. This morning, I asked him about Palin’s speech. Here’s his response:

It worked. She’s straight out of central casting, her family too. Initially she will become somewhat of an icon, taking the focus away from the weaknesses of McCain and highlighting the so-called sexism of Obama. Americans like feisty.

The press likes to build and then destroy. I’m not sure they have time in eight weeks to do both, unless the National Enquirer gets lucky in its current Alaskan fishing expedition.

The reaction of a few smart, independent, relatively apolitical women I know has been fascinating. The organized Hillary supporters won’t buy in, but the quiet Hillary supporters that no one knew about seem [intrigued].

For my part, I’m feeling better about the politics of Palin’s selection, though there are multiple acts to come in this play. As to Palin’s actual qualifications for high office, the speech was irrelevant.

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