What about the Daily Ditch?

Jill Greenberg is the photographer responsible for the image of John McCain on the cover of the new issue of the Atlantic. Greenberg is also a left-wing nut who has deposited her McCain outtakes and related thoughts on the Internet. She has thereby earned the eloquent condemnation of Gerard Van der Leun (who also posted the outtakes). The author of the Atlantic cover story for which Greenberg took the photographs is Jeffrey Goldberg, who has posted a statement expressing his consternation. (The New York Post has also covered the story.)

Greenberg’s commission to shoot the cover was a one-off. She is not on the Atlantic’s payroll. Michelle Malkin nevertheless demonstrates that Greenberg’s indecency is a matter of public record.

In an aside, Michelle also notes that “[t]his is the same magazine that pays the salary of that cretin demanding Trig Palin’s birth records.” The cretin whom Michelle leaves unnamed is of course Andrew Sullivan, who demanded Trig Palin’s birth records in this post. Consider Goldberg’s comment on Greenberg:

Greenberg is quite obviously an indecent person who should not be working in magazine journalism. Every so often, journalists become deranged at the sight of certain candidates, and lose their bearings. Why, this has even happened in the case of John McCain once or twice.

Substitute the word “hysterical” for the word “indecent” and Goldberg’s comment applies in spades to Andrew Sullivan, who has become the Atlantic’s marquee writer online. When I recently asked one of Sullivan’s colleagues at the Atlantic why it abides Sullivan’s disgrace of the magazine, he simply referred to the traffic Sullivan generates for the Atlantic online.

Sullivan is such a crude and hysterical polemicist that he long ago became a worthless if not virtually unreadable commentator. He is also utterly careless with basic facts. The case of Jill Greenberg simply adds an exclamation point to Sullivan’s disgrace of the Atlantic.

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