A few observations about the NLCS

1. Aren’t Larry Bowa and Davey Lopes wearing the wrong uniforms? If not, can’t the Dodgers and Phillies make a quick trade?

2. I’m a firm believer that you shouldn’t second guess a manager unless you have a working knowledge of his team. I don’t have a working knowledge of the Dodgers. But I was quite surprised when Joe Torre pulled Derek Lowe following the fifth inning, after he finally seemed to have settled down, and brought in a 20 year-old rookie (Clayton Kershaw) with a relatively high ERA. Torre is certainly no Fred Haney (his older brother’s first major league manager).

3. Some of the pitching decisions Torre made later in the game seemed suspect as well, considering that this is the NLCS and he was a game down (now two games). For example, why would you hold back your closer in the eighth inning when the season is probably on the line and you have an off day coming up? Torre is certainly no Casey Stengel.


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