A More Relevant Talent

A couple of posts below, you can listen to Sarah Palin play the flute. Of much greater pertinence today is this video, which was compiled by the Huffington Post. The liberals are getting nervous; Huffpo published the video under the title “Sarah Palin: A Better Debater Than You Think.” We conservatives are probably not quite as surprised:

Tomorrow night’s vice-presidential debate is eagerly awaited on all sides. I’m expecting Slow Joe Biden to supply considerable entertainment value. Governor Palin could supply even more, in a positive way, if she is unleashed to be herself.

AM 1280 the Patriot, the Twin Cities radio station on which we do our weekly show, is sponsoring a debate-watching party tomorrow night at Trocaderos in downtown Minneapolis. I’ll be there along with the other Northern Alliance radio hosts. If you can make it, it should be a great time.

We did this for one of the Presidential debates in 2004, and it was terrific event. We didn’t have any sign-up in advance, and had no idea what to expect. As it turned out, people kept pouring in for an hour before the debate started. It was at the Hilton Hotel in Minneapolis, and they had to slide back a wall and open up another room to accommodate the crowd. Tomorrow night should be similar; as of today, around 400 people have signed up to come. The event is free; if you want to join us, you can just show up, but it would be nice to register at the Patriot’s web site so they know how many to expect. So: if you’re within driving distance of downtown Minneapolis you can watch the debate with fellow conservatives. Cheering will be encouraged.


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