A New Experience

For Joe Biden, that is: being asked tough questions by a news reporter. This interview with a local TV station is fun to watch, because it makes you realize how rare it is for a Democrat to face hostile questions from the press. Really, it’s almost unheard of, and you can see Biden’s outrage at the idea that a television reporter is willing to challenge Democrat orthodoxy. Biden handles himself fine, in the sense that he delivers his utterly fictitious talking points with aplomb. But his outrage was shared by the Obama campaign, which promptly decreed that this station will get no more interviews. The Republicans should think about doing that with CNN, CBS and NBC. Here is the interview:

One of Glenn Reynolds’ readers commented:

He got a straighter run than Palin has. No one edited his answers. No one used false quotes against him. No one edited the video tape. No one took him out of context. No one pissed and moaned about his wardrobe or his hair plugs. No one has asked to see his kid’s birth ceritifcate. Thin skinned much, Obama campaign?

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