Bam’s bombin’ buddy: The Times’s timely whitewash

Today’s New York Times ambles onto the scene today just in time to whitewash the story of the long relationship between Barack Obama and his unrepentant terrorist ally William Ayers. The Times story by Scott Shane is “Obama and ’60’s bomber: A look into crossed paths.” A headline more along the lines of “cooking up a crock” would have suited the story better.

The Times appropriately gives the last word on the subject to Jane Fonda’s Hanoi escort, Tom Hayden. Way back when, of course, Hayden and Fonda took a camera crew to Hanoi and to the “liberated” regions of South Vietnam to make a propaganda film titled “Introduction to the Enemy,” whose purpose was to persuade viewers that the Communists were going to create an ideal new society based on justice and equality. Hayden also traveled to Hanoi to meet with the Communist leadership on the development of the American antiwar movement that was the centerpiece of Hanoi’s strategy to win the war. Today the Times calls on Hayden as a character witness to exonerate Obama’s association with Ayers:

Mr. Hayden, 68, said he has known Mr. Ayers for 45 years and was on the other side of the split in the radical antiwar movement that led Mr. Ayers and others to form the Weathermen. But Mr. Hayden said he saw attempts to link Mr. Obama with bombings and radicalism as “typical campaign shenanigans.”

“If Barack Obama says he’s willing to talk to foreign leaders without preconditions,” Mr. Hayden said, “I can imagine he’d be willing to talk to Bill Ayers about schools. But I think that’s about as far as their relationship goes.”

To understand the extent of the whitewash performed by the Times today, turn first to Stanley Kurtz, whom the Times somehow overlooked in favor of Hayden in its research on the story. Then check out Stephen Green, Tom Maguire and Fausta Wertz.

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