Barack Obama: Indifferent to Voter Fraud

Barack Obama is asked about the massive, well-documented voter registration fraud that is being perpetrated by ACORN across the battleground states. He begins by lying about his relationship with ACORN. Here is what he said before ACORN hit the headlines and became inconvenient for his campaign:

I’ve been fighting alongside Acorn on issues you care about my entire career…

Then of course there is the $800,000 he paid ACORN earlier this year.

That isn’t the shocking part, though. The shocking part is that Obama goes on to say that voter registration fraud is no problem. On the contrary, like everything else that doesn’t advance his campaign, it’s a “distraction:”

What Obama knows but doesn’t want to acknowledge is that when hundreds of thousands of phony registrations have been submitted, and ACORN knows what those phony names and addresses are, the door to voter fraud is wide open. Absentee ballots can easily be cast on behalf of those non-existent but registered “voters,” and they can cast ballots in person as long as someone from ACORN or the Obama campaign is willing to show up at the polls and give a false name.

This is, however, a point of no concern to Obama, since he knows that every one of those votes will be cast for him and his fellow Democrats.

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