Coleman Pulling Away

I mentioned last night that intuitively, the momentum in Minnesota’s Senate race seems to be shifting toward Norm Coleman. As well it should–Norm is one of the ablest members of the Senate, and his opponent, Al Franken, is a bitter former comedian with a violent temper who moved from New York to Minnesota to enter the Senate race. In a normal year, it wouldn’t even be a contest. But this year, with voters feeling insecure and the Democratic Party awash in cash, Franken has been able to make a race of it. Coleman has campaigned non-stop, lately with the help of Governor Tim Pawlenty, and has gained from simultaneous endorsements by the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

The polls have been all over the lot, but Scott Rasmussen has found Franken in the lead through the month of October. In a survey released today, however, Rasmussen has Coleman surging to a four point lead.

I’m pretty confident that Coleman will continue to pull away as voters get serious about the idea of sending a vulgar, hateful former comedian to the Senate. But let’s not take any chances. Please go here and contribute what you can to Norm’s campaign.

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