Insane Rage? Look in the Mirror

You have to hand it to the mainstream media: they are utterly shameless in their effort to hand this year’s election to Barack Obama. The latest MSM theme is “Republican rage.” Supposedly, Republicans have become dangerously angry; the evidence is mostly that at McCain/Palin rallies, Barack Obama is sometimes booed!

Wow. How deranged can you get? Of course, John McCain gets booed at Obama rallies, too. But that’s different: McCain deserves to be booed. When Republicans boo the reporters’ beloved Barack, that’s an entirely different phenomenon.

The reporters’ favorite example of Republican Rage happened right here in Minnesota, at a McCain rally on Friday. We wrote about it here. My friend and radio partner Chad Doughty was there and posted this report. You can see for yourself the pitiful examples of “rage” that reporters tried to promote from molehill to mountain here.

For those who have observed the lunacy that has gripped the Democratic Party and liberals generally over the last seven years, the idea that we are now witnessing “Republican rage” is laughable. Michelle Malkin does a definitive job of reminding us what hate, rage and lunacy really look like. Rage has been the public face of liberalism for the last seven years.

UPDATE: Now crazed Obama supporters are throwing Molotov cocktails. Do you suppose stooges like Frank Rich and Paul Krugman will take this as a sign that Democrats are angry? No, I don’t think so either.

FURTHER UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds has more examples of liberal rage.


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