Introducing Power Line Television

Earlier this evening we touched on a theme that we will return to often in the coming months: the need for conservatives, libertarians and others who do not share the overwhelming left-wing bias of the mainstream media to develop, along with other cultural institutions, our own media organizations and news outlets. So far, Pajamas Media has been one of the most successful such alternative news organizations. With the birth of PJTV, Pajamas Media has built the first web-based “television” news network. It is, as Roger Simon often says, in beta version, but it’s pretty darn good, and lots of fun if you’re a conservative or libertarian.

We agreed some time ago to produce a weekly Power Line television show for PJTV. This afternoon, Paul and I got together with the PJTV people for the first ever Power Line television show. You can watch it here.


Over time, if the show takes off, we’ll add more production values, do interviews, etc., and make it longer. I’ll get onto a T1 line with a dedicated camera rather than the webcam which, as you will see, I’m now using. But I think you’ll find the same spirit that you enjoy in our web site in Power Line television.

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