Last Call, Part II

Yesterday I highlighted two Minnesota Congressional candidates who are highly deserving of our readers’ support. Here is another one: Ed Matthews, who is fighting what most see as an uphill battle against incumbent Betty McCollum in Minnesota’s Fourth District, consisting of St. Paul and environs.

Intellectually, this is one of the worst mismatches of the 2008 election. Matthews is a lawyer and accountant, an accomplished member of the private sector. McCollum is an utter mediocrity, a cipher in Congress who has accomplished nothing in the three or four terms–who can remember?–when she has ostensibly been serving in Congress.

McCollum is counting on inertia to return her to Congress; she has ducked debates with Matthews throughout the campaign season. She finally agreed to a single debate sponsored by the League of Women Voters, but said that she would not participate if it was televised. How’s that for confidence? You can watch the event here. Ed mops up the floor with her. I’d encourage you to support Ed to whatever extent you can. You can go here to contribute.

It’s likely that conservatives will be in the wilderness as of January ’09. Over the coming weeks, we’ll have much more to say about what conservatives should do next. But one thing is clear: all around the country, we need strong, intelligent, principled conservatives to spread our message of hope, freedom and national renewal. Ed Matthews is a good example of the kind of spokesman conservatism needs not just for the next two weeks, but for years to come. Any help you can give him will be appreciated.

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