Last Call, Part One

The last weeks of the campaign are upon us. Some may think that it’s too late to contribute to political campaigns, but that’s not the case. Deserving candidates need our support now, more than ever, for the home stretch.

I’ve always been relatively optimistic about this year’s races, but the financial collapse of recent weeks raises the specter–however unfair it may be–of increased Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, along with a Democratic presidency. The result would be liberalism rampant to a degree that we haven’t experienced in many years. So in a series of posts, I intend to highlight a handful of conservative candidates who are eminently worthy or your support, and ask you to contribute to their campaigns. If Power Line readers won’t do what they can to try to block what could be a disastrous swing to the left, who will?

I want to start with candidates whom I know and can vouch for personally, here in Minnesota, starting with Erik Paulsen and Brian Davis.

Erik is a state legislator who is running in Minnesota’s Third District, an open seat vacated by Jim Ramstad’s retirement. Erik is more conservative than Ramstad and would be an improvement in Congress. The Democrats, though, have targeted this seat for a takeover. Nancy Pelosi is about to visit the district, which indicates the priority the Dems are giving it. Erik is a great guy and a total Boy Scout, but the Democrats are running an outrageous smear campaign against him, trying to link him with gamblers and call girls. Why? He received a donation from a PAC that his headquartered in Las Vegas. Don’t let this seat fall into the liberals’ hands; go here to read about Erik and donate to his campaign.

Minnesota’s First District was Republican until 2006, when the Democratic tide helped a weak candidate, Tim Walz, win an upset victory. As a first-term incumbent who has done little in Washington and is too liberal for the district he represents, Walz is vulnerable. His opponent is Dr. Brian Davis. Brian is a briliant guy; he has a PhD in mechanical engineering from MIT as well as an MD, and works as an oncologist at the Mayo Clinic. He is also deeply conservative. If you’d like to see someone in Congress who can debate health care, energy and global climate change with the expertise of a scientist and physician, Brian is your man. He’s a Power Lline reader, too, and asked me to put out an appeal to our readers.

You can go here to learn more about Brian and contribute to his campaign.

There are lots of good candidates running this year, but these are two whom I know personally and who would bring both great character and solidly conservative principles to Washington. I encourage you to support them to whatever extent your means allow.

More to come.

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