Let’s Spread the Wealth Around

Currently, Barack Obama is outspending John McCain on the airwaves by something like four to one. It seems likely that he will succeed in buying the Presidential election.

But wait! We know that Obama is in favor of “spreading the wealth around” so as to achieve what he thinks is fairness. So presumably Obama will be willing to share his vast resources with the McCain campaign so the playing field will be level for the last weeks of the campaign. That’s only fair, right? What do you say, Barack? And if not, why not?

PAUL responds: Obama didn’t break his promise to rely on public financing (if McCain did too) for nothing.

Shouldn’t McCain emphasize, in the waning days of the campaign, that none of Obama’s other many promises should be believed, in light of the fact that Obama broke this fundamental one? Of course, having kept his own promise, it’s not clear that McCain has the resources necessary to get this, or any other, message out.

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