I’ve always kind of liked Joe Biden, notwithstanding his mendacity during the current campaign. He’s been in the Senate pretty much his whole life and is, therefore, a gasbag, but I’ve always thought that if you scratch the surface just a little, he doesn’t take himself that seriously.

Still, there’s a reason why he’s called “Slow Joe” Biden. Can you imagine if Sarah Palin said anything this stupid? The election would be canceled:

Speaking of Sarah Palin, a local dance teacher emailed us this Photoshopped exemplar of bipartisanship, from “Dancing With the Stars:”


If this year’s election were decided on looks and style, Obama would win in a landslide–it’s hard to imagine John McCain on “Dancing With the Stars.” But who knows: maybe this year’s baseball playoffs are an omen. Television executives hoped for a Dodgers-Red Sox World Series almost as fervently as they hope for an Obama victory in November. But it wasn’t meant to be; the power-hitting, lunch-bucket Philadelphia Phillies have already crushed Los Angeles, and the unglamorous (but very good) Tampa Bay Rays are about to finish off the Red Sox, whom they bested, too, in the regular season.

Maybe, likewise, the better but less glamorous Presidential ticket will win this year, too.

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