Ray of Hope

The poll data these days are pretty universally bleak for Republicans, so let’s take note of the only bright spot I’ve seen lately, via Jim Geraghty:

Karl Rove, a moment ago on Fox News: “Ronald Reagan was behind at this point in the 1980 election… There were doubts as to whetehr or not Reagan was up to the job. He was being potrayed as this out of touch Hollywood star. There are deep and persistent doubts about whether Obama is qualified to be president. In May, the Washington Post poll found that 44 percent said he was unqualified. In June, August, September and now October, between 44 and 48, now 45 or 44 percent, say Obama is unqualified. That is the second-highest total in modern American history, exceeded only by… Michael Dukakis in October 1988 after two disastrous debate performances.”

I suppose you could say it’s a sign of how much trouble the GOP is in that voters prefer an unqualified candidate (more specifically, one who “does not have the kind of experience it takes to serve effectively as president”) to a Republican. Still, those numbers suggest that there may yet be room for McCain to make his case.

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