Re: A guy who lives in Obama’s neighborhood

Barack Obama’s lack of candor regarding his past associations was prominently on display in his description of Bill Ayers as “a guy who lives in my neighborhood.” His misdirection about Ayers should have triggered the kind of swarm that the media have generated about Joe the Plumber.

Political considerations have obviously precluded serious investigation of the Obama-Ayers relationship by the mainstream media. It has therefore fallen to independent researchers such as Stanley Kurtz to perform the traditional functions of a putatively independent media to document Obama’s partnership with Ayers.

Now blogger John Sexton adds some details to the Ayers-Obama story. Sexton reports that Obama and Ayers seem to have shared an office in Chicago for three years.

And Zombie digs out Obama’s favorable 1997 review of Ayers’s book on juvenile justice from the archives of the Chicago Tribune. See-Dubya comments here, the Jawa Report here (including an excellent video), Bill Dyer comments here.

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