Sarah In Silicon Valley

I thought just about everyone in Silicon Valley–the wealthy ones, anyway–were Democrats. Not so, apparently. Earlier today our friend Joe Malchow attended an event in Burlingame, California, that starred Governor Palin. The appearance originally was slated to be held in a Republican’s back yard, Joe says, but demand by Silicon Valley Republicans to see Palin was such that it was moved to a ballroom.

Joe reports at Dartblog:

So what played to this audience? What caused genuine applause? Well, one line, in particular: near the end of her twenty-minute speech, Sarah Palin told the audience that out on the hustings one comment from supporters has dominated, in frequency, all others: tell people about the real Barack Obama. She said this quietly, without drama. But: thunder, hoots, an ovation. It was the one real firework in her stump speech; yet from the cadence of the speech one could tell that it was not intended thus.

Barack Obama is running for President as a blank slate, a formless alternative to whatever you don’t like about the last eight years of history. In fact, though, he has a record, and a small minority of voters have some idea what that record is. It’s understandable that, in the few remaining days of this campaign, they want John McCain and Sarah Palin to spread the word.

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