Say It Ain’t So!

The Sun reports that the royal family of Dubai is set to offer ₤200 million for the Everton soccer club. Would the Merseysiders be the same if they were owned by the Emirates? And playing in a new ₤78 million stadium that the buyers are proposing to build? Will Paul have to switch his allegiance to Tottenham Hotspur? Or will it turn out to be a false alarm?

Stay tuned!

PAUL adds: I have mixed feelings about this. Our owner, Bill Kenwright, is fantastic. But he’s not rich by the relevant standard, and recently he acknowledged that Everton needs new ownership if the club is to remain where it is, never mind challenge England’s “big four.”

Unfortunately, foreign ownership seems to be a prerequisite for major success in English football these days. Liverpool and Manchester United have been purchased by Americans. Chelsea’s rise corresponds with its acquisition by the third richest man in Russia (at least pre-crash). Recently a group from Abu Dhabi gained control of Manchester City and suddenly that formerly modest club is buying Brazilian super-stars and threatening to surpass Everton.

Something, unfortunately, has got to give.


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