Shaping Obama’s agenda

In the video below Barack Obama appears before an audience of “community activists” at the Heartland Presidential Forum in Des Moines this past December. The forum was structured around personal tales of woe accompanied by demands for socialist solutions, something like a red “Queen for a Day.” In his remarks, Barack Obama predictably invoked his days as a “community organizer” in Chicago. In the clip below at around 1:45, he indicates that he will invite the “community activists” to help shape his agenda as soon as he wins the election.

Videos of the Heartland forum event in its entirety are available here. Watching the videos, one can see them violating the old rules imposed by “Queen for a Day” host Jack Bailey. Bailey decreed: “No blind people and no crutches.” He explained: “If you allow them on, you might just as well throw out the other contestants. They would always win. So in fairness, we d[id]n’t pick them.”

The contemporary Democratic Party breaks through all the boundaries established by Jack Bailey in the interest of fair play and intelligence:

Mr. Bailey also discarded such “dumb” wishes as “world peace” and “a cure for cancer.” The wish had to be for something that could be bought. When one woman asked for her daughter to be brought to the U.S. from Russia, a producer backstage was heard by a reporter saying, “Only the money. We don’t want to get involved with the visa.”

“Community activists” and their Democratic allies retain the focus on “the money.” As is apparent from the Heartland forum, however, with its tales of woe related to illegal immigration, these “community activists” are also eager “to get involved with the visa.”

UPDATE: Allahpundit comments.

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