This Bow’s For You

If you’re a woman and like to hunt game with a bow, Lakota Industries has come out with a new product called the Sarah-Cuda: a bow designed specifically for women.

It’s a formidable looking weapon, to say the least; not much less so by virtue of being pink. Lakota says:

The Sarah-Cuda is a tribute to women everywhere who embrace the sport of archery and bow hunting. Women who face the challenges of adversity and demonstrate the courage and strength to survive in today’s world, yet have the caring heart and tenderness of good wives, mothers, sisters and daughters. …

Lakota Industries, Inc. has designed this magnificent bow to show our appreciation and to recognize Sarah Palin and her historic achievement. It is also a tribute to America’s hard working women and to further promote the attitude and philosophy that Sarah Palin has demonstrated throughout her life. Lakota Industries will donate 10% of the proceeds from the sale of these beautifully handcrafted bows to the National Association for Down Syndrome.