Why Not Him?

Former humorist Al Franken is running a strong race to unseat incumbent Minnesota Senator Norm Coleman. Were it not for the current financial crisis, the race would not be particularly competitive. As it is, Franken and Coleman are running neck and neck and attention must be paid to Franken. In her Star Tribune column today, Katherine Kersten takes a look at the hilarity Franken has found in Christianity:

For example, in his 1999 book, “Why Not Me?” he wrote about his discovery — as a fictional former president — of “the complete skeleton of Jesus Christ still nailed to the cross” during an archeological dig. At the Franken Presidential Library gift shop, visitors can buy “small pieces of Jesus’ skeleton.”

“We would like to display Jesus’ skeleton at some future point,” Franken went on. “It’s merely a matter of designing and building an exhibition space … . Until then he’s very comfortable in a box down in our basement near the geothermal power station.”

Kersten comments: “Very funny. Anybody want to try a joke like that about Mohammed?”

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