Worse Than Ayers and Wright?

Barack Obama’s most troubling radical association may be his friendship and political and financial alliance with Rashid Khalidi, described by the New York Times and more reliable sources as a former spokesman for the Palestinian Liberation Organization, whose Black September arm carried out the 1972 murders at the Munich Olympics, the murder of American Ambassador to Sudan Cleo Noel, and other terrorist acts. (Khalidi denies having been an “employee” of the PLO.) Fox News did an extended piece on Obama’s relationship with Khalidi; here is part of it:

Gateway Pundit has much, much more, including this nugget: the Lost Angeles Times has video footage of Obama toasting Khalidi at Khalidi’s “going-away party” from Chicago to Columbia. The event has been described as a “Jew-bash,” but the Times refuses to release its video. Also, it appears that Bill Ayers and Rashid Khalidi are close friends and political allies–with each other, as well as with Barack Obama. Maybe this helps to explain why Iran has endorsed Obama for President.

Maybe one of these days a reporter will ask Obama what it was about his conversations with Khalidi that he found so educational. Would it be Khalidi’s musings on the most effective way to murder an American Ambassador with a sub-machine gun? Or on how to terrorize an Olympic Village? Why, exactly, has Obama provided funding for a notorious apologist for Islamic terrorism? Maybe such questions will be asked once Obama is safely ensconsed in the White House.

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