A true freshman speaks the truth

Davin Meggett is a running back for the University of Maryland football team. He is, in college football parlance, a true freshman — that is, he is playing football in his first year of college rather than going to school but waiting a year to start competing, as freshmen often do these days.

In Maryland’s most recent game, Meggett was pressed into service against North Carolina State late in the fourth quarter when Maryland’s regular tailback sustained an injury. The score was tied. In the driving rain, Meggett made the key plays, including a 31-year pass reception, that set up the game winning field goal.

Meggett says he felt no pressure during the drive. His philosophy is:

Just play ball. [It] isn’t any different from playing ball when you were young, when you were in middle or high school. It’s real simple.

But Meggett’s course in “Women’s Literature” is an entirely different matter:

Female slavery? What? Female slavery after slavery, or something like that. It’s awkward. I’m more nervous for that class than I am on a football field. . . .Too many perspectives, too much ideology. Too much stuff. I just have to get through it.

It’s a lament that can be heard on college campuses across the land.

JOHN adds: Here is Meggett against N.C. State:

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