But of course

Yesterday, I wrote: “I don’t see why a president hoping to sustain a ‘larger than life’ persona would want a ‘larger than life’ Secretary of State who has been his bitter rival.” A reader explains:

The answer is that Mr. Obama sees himself as the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln, read Team of Rivals, and fancies himself as building a 21st Century version of Mr. Lincoln’s cabinet. Lincoln stacked the cabinet with such “rivals” as Salmon Chase and William Henry Seward; so Mr. Obama believes it appropriate to repeat history by naming Senator Clinton his Secretary of State.

I’m still far from convinced that it’s going to be Clinton at State, however.

By the way, if I remember my history correctly, Seward was a hard liner against the South when he was in the Senate. Once in the cabinet, he took a softer line than Lincoln.

In other words, you never know.

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