Coleman Lawyers Up

With the Thanksgiving holiday, there hasn’t been much news in the Senate recount contest between Norm Coleman and Al Franken. The Minneapolis Star Tribune shows Coleman with a 282-vote lead, with 88 percent of ballots recounted. It seems clear at this point that Franken’s hope of significant gains in the recount process has not materialized and that, barring some unforeseen development, Coleman will win the recount.

The next step, presumably, is litigation (or, as Scott has noted, perhaps a naked attempt by the Democrats to steal the seat via a Senate vote). That being the case, the most significant recent news may be that the Coleman campaign has retained local litigator Roger Magnuson to represent it in future legal proceedings. Roger is one of the state’s top lawyers and a veteran of Gore v. Bush. He commands ample resources for whatever litigation may take place. His retention by the Coleman campaign has occasioned a sigh of relief among local Republicans, who have worried that Coleman’s legal team lacked a crack litigator to run the show. Whatever happens next, Coleman won’t be outgunned in court.

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